U Bekoler is a Tech startup focused on the automatization of the Influencer Marketing campaigns process. Brands seek to connect with their target audience through influencers who communicates their values.
U Bekoler’s software allows brands to find that unique and ideal key opinion leader for their campaigns and establish a relationship between them through the 4 core services of the influencer marketing industry: research, analysis, management and metrics.


U Bekoler


Visual Identity
Social Media


The visual concept of the logo is based on the idea of unity and the search of a unique, singular and creative symbol that identifies U Bekoler and makes it stand out from the wide range of brands in the marketing industry. Through the geometric shapes of the acronym “UBK” we created a unique symbol that allowed us to develop their own visual language.

Visual Language:

The visual identity aims to represent the diversity and the different types of profiles that we can find in U Bekoler. Based on the geometric shapes of the symbol, we created a dynamic and flexible visual language with its own identity focused on people.